In NSW, those borrowing or acting as a guarantor are required by Financial Institutions to seek independent legal advice before they can proceed with their loan. They are then required to provide the institution with a Certificate of Independent Legal Advice.

At Brady and Associates we can provide you with legal advice regarding any loan documentation or guarantees. We will explain any documents to you and ensure you have an understanding of your rights and obligations. At Brady and Associates, we take our role as an independent legal advisor incredibly seriously and will ensure that any questions you may have are answered and that you leave our offices feeling in control of the loan process and your legal rights.

We can provide you with a Certificate of Independent Legal Advice to provide to your Financial Institution.

Before meeting with you we will require a copy of your documents so that we can read through them. We will then draft a certificate as required by the Law Society and arrange a conference at our offices to explain the documents, answer your questions and provide you with a certificate at the completion of the conference.

We offer fixed fee pricing for these matters to ensure no unexpected costs.

If you require legal advice call us on 9545 3273 or arrange an appointment today.