Buying or selling your home is often the most important financial decision you might make.

We will make sure it all goes through smoothly and that your interests are well protected from Contract to Settlement.

conveyancingBrady and Associates Lawyers:

  • Obtain relevant searches and documents
  • Prepare and review Contracts for Sale
  • Highlight areas of concern after analysis of the contract and 10.7 etc.
  • Tailor special conditions for the contract as necessary

We offer a FIXED FEE for both purchase and sale plus the cost of relevant searches, Reports filing fee, lodging fees and settlement fees.

We are happy to discuss matters with you and protect your interests as your purchase or sale moves ahead.


Have you been asked to act as guarantor for family or on a company loan?

We can provide independent legal advice and explain what all the documents mean, how they need to be signed, and witness them as directed by the Lending Institution.

Most importantly we can explain the risks to you personally.

We assist in thoroughly working through all the Bank’s documentation keeping in mind they usually require a quick turnaround.

An appointment at our office is necessary. We ask that you drop off or email your documents in advance so that we can be prepared to advice you at our meeting. Please call Reception to organise on 95453273 or book directly through our website. Fixed Fee available upon request.


Refinancing a mortgage or loan requires an attentive to detail. We assist you with the documentation that must be explained, signed and witnessed. We help you obtain these necessary documents required by the bank or lending facility. Refinancing often involves a discharge of your old mortgage and re-lodging of a new mortgage.

We will explain the mortgage conditions and more importantly the costs to you noted in the new loan offer.

We will arrange settlement of your new loan, filing and lodging of all documents, obtaining searches and certificates if necessary.

We will meet with you in person to explain the documentation and witness your signature on documents as required.

We will ensure all documents are thoroughly prepared in line with the Banks and their Lawyers requirements.

It is important for you to arrange your documents to be emailed to us in advance of our first meeting so we can put our meeting time to good use.

We offer a FIXED FEE for this service plus costs of searches, settlement, filing and lodgement.

Please call us to make an appointment on 95453273 or make a booking directly on our website.