Both Guardianship and Care proceedings can be complex and important, with the ability to dramatically affect a person’s life, whether they are a parent, a child or someone in care.

Guardianship Matters

Guardianship matters often concern how an Enduring Guardianship is undertaken by an appointed Guardian. In some cases, there may be a dispute about who is the appointed Guardian to a vulnerable person, or how an appointed Guardian has carried out their duties.

If an Enduring Guardian or their actions are called into question, matters will often proceed before the Guardianship Tribunal at NCAT (the NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal). In the case where there is a vulnerable person involved, such as someone in Aged Care or Disability care, many parties may be involved with the proceedings.

If you are involved in a Guardianship Tribunal matter, it is a good idea to seek legal advice regarding how best to handle the process and ensure your interests are represented.

In some cases, there may be AVO’s or criminal charges complexifying the matter.

We can deal with all matters concurrently, to ensure that your best interests are represented in all jurisdictions.

Care Proceedings

Care Proceedings occur in the Children’s Court of NSW and are proceedings relating to a young person and where/with whom they will reside.

Care Proceedings can be complex matters, sometimes with multiple parties involved. The court takes any matters involving children incredibly seriously.

If you are involved in care proceedings, Brady and Associates can assist you by providing legal advice, representing you in court and briefing a Barrister if necessary.

If you are dealing with aa Guardianship matter of Care Proceedings call us on 9545 3273 or arrange an appointment to speak with a solicitor.