NCAT matters

NCAT is the NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal, a government body set up to resolve common disputes that can arise in day-to-day life. Some issues covered by NCAT include the purchase of vehicles, equal opportunity matters, and appeals against decisions made by other NSW government agencies. NCAT was established to provide an easier and more simple method to resolve disputes between people, rather than making them attend a full court date.

Despite the differences that NCAT can have from a court proceeding, your success at the Tribunal will depend upon the quality of your legal representation and their knowledge of the matters at hand. At Brady and Associates, we have a long and successful history of dealing with a variety of matters brought through NCAT. Our skilled practitioners understand not only how to get you the best result, but also how to make the process as simple and easy as possible. Our Principal Solicitor, Amanda Brady, holds a Masters in Dispute Resolution and is an expert in mediated outcomes at NCAT.

Types of NCAT Matters

NCAT has four divisions, which each cover a broad variety of unique issues:

The Administrative and Equal Opportunity Division reviews administrative decisions made by NSW Government agencies, and includes issues such as suspended firearm licences, access to government information and working with children checks.

The Consumer and Commercial Division deals with a broad variety of commercial matters. This includes disputes between tenants and landlords, strata schemes and dividing fences, and purchases of motor vehicles.

The Guardianship Division is involved with cases which concern a decision-making ability – usually about another person or their finances. This includes guardianship orders for people with disabilities, financial management orders for someone who is not capable of managing their financial matters, or reviews of an enduring power of attorney.

The Occupational Division deals with decisions made by government agencies in relation to professional and occupational licences. This includes decisions about commercially licenced drivers of taxis and buses, licenced security guards and builders, and professionally licenced disputes involving health professionals, legal practitioners and building professionals.

NCAT also has an Appeal Panel which hears internal appeals made by the four other NCAT divisions. This allows you the possibility of restitution if a decision is made that you don’t agree with. However, only some decisions made by NCAT are entitled to a right of appeal. Navigating the appeals process can be complicated without the help of a legal professional.

How We Can Help

At Brady and Associates, our success in dealing with NCAT matters is not only a result of our excellent track record, but also because we take the time to meet with all our clients in order to gain a complete understanding of the issues at hand. From there, our team can handle many of the administrative tasks that need to be completed before the hearing date. We can then represent your best interests before the Tribunal.

Contact Brady and Associates today if you need assistance with an NCAT matter, or if you are interested in knowing more about bringing your own issue to the Tribunal. 

To learn more about NCAT take a look at their website.